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Passion, trust and enthusiasm. When you take pleasure in your work, it promotes the quality of the product. This could not apply more than at Selected Classics. Father Jos and son Jur pursue their passion for cars day in, day out. Jos has been interested in cars since his childhood. Apart from the daily drivers, the Baggen household has always had its fair share of hobby cars.

Jur was infected with the car virus from his earliest years. His first words were not mum or dad, but rather the car brands he walked past as a toddler. He therefore soon decided to make his passion his profession. He applied to the automotive-oriented business school IVA in Driebergen and successfully completed the HBO education. That is also where the origins of our company were born, with start-up car trading during studies. In 2016, Jur and Jos went to the Chamber of Commerce in Roermond and the wonderful family business Selected Classics was born. 

From that moment on, a relentless search for suitable Selected Classics started, resulting in hundreds of, in one way or another, special and very high-quality cars, all of which have to comply with the strict Selected Classics label. Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo are particularly well represented. Hardly ever standard cars. Jur and Jos do not rest until a car goes to the customer in the best possible technical and optical condition. As the many positive reviews show, customers are often positively surprised and very enthusiastic about the cars. We go for quality over quantity and ensure a long-term satisfied relationship with our customers, so they can enjoy their beautiful Selected Classic for years, often on a daily basis.                             


We are happy to make an offer for you. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you. All options can be fully configured according to your wishes. You ask, we deliver.

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